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Any Given Monday

Mondays are for bleeding my soul through these six strings.



This Magical City

I love San Diego. It's energy is always present and the diversity here allows me to pick how mellow or rowdy I want my evening to be. On Friday night, my day ended with this serene landscape. After having a drink at Station Tavern in South Park, I drove with my girlfriend to Coronado Island for a midnight stroll near the ferry landing. This view greeted us from across the bay.



A November Story

My best friend, Roman, had a baby boy this month. His name is Aaron, he's a Dragon, and were pretty much best friends already.



Day Three: Change is gonna come


Another day in the books, though it was not easy. I don't feel like writing much. I felt a bit light-headed a few times today and I think it was because I wasn't drinking enough juice. I will correct that tomorrow.

It's hard to stay focused. I have to keep thinking about the end result. This far in, I think my health has improved even if by a miniscule amount. I am just fighting my cravings and waiting for a change.

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Day Two: Juicin’ ain’t easy


Today was tough. I woke up feeling great, and felt great for most of the day, but I started getting cravings for random foods. It wasn't that I felt hungry; I just wanted to taste something different. This just reminded me that I have issues with what my body wants to eat. I should not be craving hot dogs! My system of making a lot of juice beforehand and then mixing up those quantities daily has helped me stay on track. I am able to make juices and smoothies with more diversity and mix or blend them as I please.

Work was tough because of the cravings, but it wasn't as bad as I remember it being last year when I fasted for one week. I made half a gallon of juice (cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, ginger, apples, and spirulina powder) to last me the whole work day. When I got home I finished it and made myself a smoothie with frozen strawberries, apple juice (juiced at home), and mango juice (purchased at Sprouts). It was delicious! For motivation, I watched Food Inc., one of my favorite documentaries. I felt better about my nutritional goals and I really don't want to eat fast food ever again. The fast food industry is horrible, and I know that, but it will take more than just learning about it to turn my eating habits around. One of the biggest reasons that I am juicing is that I want to change my cravings and get my body used to eating more fresh foods.

As well as juicing, I am slowly getting back into working out. I am taking my time so that I stay healthy and without injury. I don't know how my body will react to exercise while juicing, so I want to be safe. After watching Netflix, I took my dog out for a walk down and back up a hill near my house. I felt great and I am sure she appreciated it. Earlier in the day I also did some light yard work. Things are going well, so far. I have not felt light-headed or gotten any headaches. Tomorrow I am going to change the fruit-to-vegetable proportions in my juice so that I don't get tired of the juice flavor.

Every day is a battle.

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Day One: Juice Fast and Furious


Today is day one of a (hopefully) two week juice fast. I fasted for one week last year and I felt great, but then I went back to drinking and eating like a maniac. This time I feel like I have a good plan and a solid support system to help me get through it. It is no longer a silly experiment and I learned several lessons last year.

One of the changes I made this year was to juice my fruits and vegetable seperately. This makes it easier to control the proportion of vegetables to fruits in my juices. It also allows me to use the vegetable and fruit juices in combinations with 0ther juices or blend it with frozen fruit to make smoothies. Cleaning the juicer was probably the worse part of jucing last year. It was very time consumming. By juicing my vegetables and fruits seperately, I can juice larger amounts of my fruits and vegetables, cutting down the number of times I have to juice and clean the juicer.

For motivation, I have been watching food documentaries on Netflix. Today I have watched Food Matters and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. My friend Roman also decided to juice for a week, so we will be supporting each other. My roommate has juiced before too and he said he wants to give it another go.

Well, I've officially survived Day One. It wasn't as difficult as last year, but I did have strong cravings for solid food around 8PM tonight. I need to be consistent and drink more frequently so that I don't get hungry.  I am planning on writing about my experience during the next few weeks on this blog. Here we go...

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The Road



I respect the history of all the long roads I've traveled and am mindful of the ghosts that protect it. In return, it has been kind to me.

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Tuesdays with Racer 5

We say "Hello" only to later say "Goodbye". Perhaps it is better to remain quiet; alone.



Home for Christmas

Los Angeles, CA

I was cursing traffic for several hours yesterday on my drive from San Diego to Santa Barbara. There are few things that irritate me more than careless and stupid drivers because, you know, my driving is flawless.  I breathed deeply in a thick fog of entitlement inside my metal temperature-controlled cage; oblivious to the drivers around me, their destinations, or even their safety. As I was cut-off, I  imagined vaporizing weaponry attached to my vehicle that could blast these strangers into the next life. Boom! And then I came across a brutal accident on the 405/101 North interchange. There were at least three cars involved; each one of them a tangled mess. I saw the suitcases, presents, sweaters, and other personal belongings scattered in the now empty wreckage. They were on their way to visit their loves ones just as I was.

In reality, that could have been any of us driving that day. I was not very happy that all the northbound traffic was re-directed south on the 101, but I was grateful that being late was my biggest concern at the moment. I was safe and, eventually, I made it home. I really hope that everyone involved in yesterday's car accident is doing better today. I also hope that I remain mindful in my travels and begin to take everyone around me into consideration. If they are well, then I am well, and we will all make it home safely.


Barber Shoppin’

Every man must make an effort to look sharp. That is law. My father made sure that I understood that from a young age. He always took great pride in his appearance and taught me a thing or two about how a gentleman is supposed to dress. I didnt care much for that when I was younger, but at this age, I find myself putting more time and effort into maintaining my appearance. I guess I really am my father's son. Cheers, Pops.